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We are finally able to release the long awaited Chesterfield to our line up.

With several variations for each model available, you can customize you're new suite to perfectly compliment your home.

The 'High Arm' option, is pictured with the studs going from the top of the arm, right down to the bottom of the suite, where it meets low profile legs to accentuate the slender profile arms.

The 'Low Arm' option is similar, however it does not feature the studs of the High Arm, and the arm fascia only goes down until it meets the bumper across the bottom, giving it a much shorter and cleaner appearance. This option also has higher profile legs as you can see from the pictures.

3 Seat Sofa: 215cm
2 Seat Sofa: 175cm
Height: 90cm
Depth: 100cm